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100% #Natural #Vegan #Sustainable

Soy wax is free of petroleum, paraffin or palm oil, contains no pesticides, herbicides or other toxic substances, and is not tested on animals.

The candles are organic and vegan.

In addition, soy wax is a renewable raw material, CO2-neutral and 100% biodegradable.

Burns longer and absolutely clean

Soy wax candles burn slower, cooler and therefore have a longer burn time than conventional candles. Unlike petroleum-based paraffin candles, soy wax candles do not contain any pollutants, carcinogens or substances that are harmful to the environment.

No soot development!

Unlike paraffin candles, candles made from soy wax do not leave behind black soot - soy wax simply burns cleaner.

Smells wonderful, long-lasting & even

Since soy wax has a lower melting point than conventional wax, the scent spreads more evenly.


This is what it looks like, our first limited edition


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High quality

100% natural & sustainable ingredients. Burns for over 94 hours thanks to soy wax.


£60.00 inkl. MwSt.

Big candle, a lot behind it: C02 neutral, sustainable, soot-free – simply implemented.

The large limited edition Akito soy wax candle weighs over 3 kg in total and burns for over 94 hours. The 15x15 cm eye-catcher not only impresses with its classic design and sustainability, but the function is also not neglected: the candle burns cleanly, for a long time and spreads a wonderful scent.

The exotic coconut bouquet releases an endorphin release through its essential oils as soon as the packaging is opened. #LustaufsLeben As you continue to use it, liberating and mood-enhancing citrus notes emerge, accompanied by the “animal scent” of radiantly sweet musk. The aromatherapeutic effect of coconut, citrus fruits and musk simply makes you happy.


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